4/14/04 The past 2 years have been very tough on the coax running to the dedicated inverted V for the online tuner. Currently the coax is RG-8X and unfortunately it needs to be buried (almost 100 feet of it) for the run to the tower. The tower is located on an adjacent hillside. Because the coax was not designed for this, upon inspection it has been found to be very deteriorated and eventually will fail. In order to maintain and provide a more permanent solution, I have decided that we will need a direct burial line with the most economical (and efficient) being LMR-400DB. This is going to put a pretty good dent in the donations, but I feel it is essential if the tuner is going to maintain it's reception qualities which I think you the listeners would agree on.
6/8/04 Hi all, We now have a new feature at jimandleah's for all you trunking scanner enthusiasts. In conjuntion with another local ham KD7ZMI, you can now see a virtual panel of the trunking scanner and listen to the latest action going on in Ogden and surrounding cities. Ogden is no boring town as you will find out by listening. Weekends get about as good here as anywhere. Just shut down the audio from the online tuner by clicking the pause button on the WMP panel below the tuner panel - then go to the bottom of the page and click on the PLAY button on the WMP panel. In a short time, you should see the virtual trunking scanner panel and receive audio. If you enjoy this part of the site, be sure to click on KD7ZMI's call and thank him for helping make this possible.
6/8/04 We are looking at adding a DSP board to the online tuner. This will put a pretty good chunk in the community chest donations, but I think the listeners will find it will worth it. Stay tuned for more on this.
6/11/04 The Digital Signal Processor board has been ordered. The best price was located and it was obtained for $129.00. This is going to make things easier on the ears. Since the majority of you use this receiver for HF SSB reception, the processor will be taylored for this as far as adjustment. I think you will notice a marked improvement. The Notch aspect of the filter will still be disabled for those of you who wish to use the receiver for SSTV reception.