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     This particular page grew out of an idea initially created years ago with a consolidated video streams page for many users. It was original and spawned many offshoots. However, I lost interest in the whole thing, but it now seems the time for me to apply myself a bit to this. Don't worry if you don't always have your audio stream running or not. People can turn their audio encoder on and off on their own timing. Maybe even post a pic when they are up and running, etc. They will just have their own little dedicated cam space on the main hamstreams.com page. Just remember, it is important that you have high speed internet if you are going to use the audio aspect. So, let's get started.

HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE IN THIS?? For the pic spot...easy. Just email me the url where you host your picture and I will input it.

WHAT ABOUT THE STREAMING AUDIO PART? The easy way to do this is simply tell me where to link this URL. That way you can change this as you want. Simply re-name any audio file you have as this URL whenever you want to change it.

WHAT ABOUT LIVE STREAMING AUDIO? YOU MUST HAVE A STATIC IP (IT NEVER CHANGES) WITH EITHER CABLE, DSL, etc. THIS IS MANDATORY. (Note: I have been told there is a way around this if you don't by using a static IP service if you have a dynamic IP.

DOWNLOAD the Windows Media Encoder BELOW. This is a non-Microsoft site so don't panic. This software is FREE.

THEN install the software.

THEN configure it using the simple walkthrough process from the software: (Let the software choose the port. If you have a firewall, then you need to open this port) SELECT ADUIO ONLY AND SELECT THE BITRATE 24K.

THEN email me your IP broadcasting address and I will input it into a spot.
HOW DO I TELL YOU WHERE MY AUDIO IS LOCATED: When you fire up the encoder, it should then tell you the IP along with the port. SO, it will say something like http://12.564.86.896:8000 THIS IS WHAT I NEED. If you know your IP already you can just give me that with the port. (If you are running a router, point the port to the computer being used and give me your actual IP, not your virtual IP such as
Also, email me a URL to a picture of your station or whatever. A picture w/ the audio is much more interesting than just an audio feed. Be creative - show your station, antennas, view from antennas, operating times, whatever.
THEN Start your encoder AND sign into www.hamstreams.com THAT'S IT - YOU ARE BROADCASTING.

Good luck. If you need more help, feel free to ask me.

73 Jim N7JS


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