This is probably 2nd grade or so. Look at that shirt w/ the big key chain zipper. I'm sporting a couple of new front permanent pearlies too. A big thanks to the girl who pulled me standing up in a wagon and then jerked it (knocking out my 2 front baby teeth prematurely when I hit the pavement).

Class pic 2nd grade. I always stuck up for the kid in front of me. Everyone seemed to pick on him because of his size. By this time, I was throwing a fit about cutting my hair (hey it was 1971) so I was one of the "cool" ones who got to grow it over their ears.

This is my friend Bart (on the left). Bart and I got in a lot of trouble. Those holes in the knees are from hiding after throwing crabapples and eggs at cars. We used to shove water hoses down indoor mailboxes and turn on the water (never got caught). We shot out the neighbors window and street light with our BB guns (got caught and our parents had to pay for both). I recall some pretty heavy discipline for that gig. We also got caught shoplifting. I stole fish food and rationalized at that age it was for a higher good as I had no money. I kept the fish food. Bart stole a matchbook car and they saw it. We both went down for that...and the punishment was calling out parents to pick us up (which is the WORST punishment.) I got in my first fist fight with him and we beat the living hell out of each other. One day we saw the neighbor kids doing a street cool-aid stand. We got the bright idea that we would set up a record player and allow people to listen to rock songs for a dime a song. We raided both our older brother's collections and dragged out this big old tube monster player my parents owned. We blasted what apparently was "the devils music" in the neighborhood until the "cool-aid kids" mom ran over and screamed we were listening to Satan's choir. She then grabbed our extension cord telling us we could have it back after she talked to our parents. My dad must have known she was a kook because he told us there was another extension cord in the garage. We never made a dime.

Here I am in junior high. I'm sporting one of those stupid polyester "picture" shirts. It was around this time that my parents had bought me a CB radio. AGAIN - more problems. I teamed up with a fellow trouble maker (his handle was Speedskater and I was The Green Own) and proceeded nightly to make fun of a group called "The Leaky Duck" group. That went on for about a week until 4 cars and a van pulled up outside my home one evening. The van lowered a guy in a wheelchair who was THE leaky duck and a dozen people (who looked like they were from the local soup kitchen) followed behind him as they proceeded to our door. Shit I was in trouble! I was also the only one home - good deal because I wasn't answering the door. Unfortunately, they camped out for over an hour until my parents arrived home. I got read the riot act for that stunt and never messed w/ the leaky duck gang again. Unfortunately, they proceeded over to my buddies home and his parents punishment was to take away his CB.

1st year in high school. I'm starting to "think" I'm cool by this point.

2nd year high school. Everybody at that age wants to try to look like their idol - mine was Jim Morrison. Kinda handy that we even had the same first name. My dad loaned me money to go out and buy a 260Z now that I could drive. I didn't have it a week before almost totalling it with a girl on a first date. It was my last date with that girl.

I used to love jumping my dirt bike. No helmit.......what an idiot. Eventually, I convinced my friend taking the picture to let me jump over him while taking a photo. I actually convinced an old man who ran a gas station to give me an inspection sticker so I could ride it on the street. I remember telling him the kill switch was the horn. I would constantly get pulled over by the cops (big knobby tires flipping rocks, plastic gas tank, loud as hell). Nobody had a bike like that on the street. Apparently I was the only cat who befriended the old man. The cops would let me go but took down the name of the gas station who issued it. When it came time for renewal - the gas station was out of business. I felt terrible that maybe I had caused it and sold the bike when I couldn't ride it on the street (which helped justify the cost since there were few legal off road places).

I loved this dog more than anything. His name was Matisse. He died last year (2005) just before his 13th birthday. That hurt me worse than anything I have ever felt. I almost looked up a head shrink - almost. Dogs are cool. Big dogs are the coolest.

Check out this respectable young man.

And then suddenly someone who looks like he belongs on America's most wanted

A picture like this is so unlike me, it had to go up.

I'm sitting in a hotel room depressed because I'm about to go on a mountain bike ride from hell.

About to start the bike ride from hell. It kicked my butt, but it kicked my friend's butt in the background worse. I remember seeing him go into the most amazing crash.

Relaxing in my study. Good thing I'm not out in public because what is up with those white socks?

Here I am with my ham radio hobby.

Another passion in my life is the band The Doors. Ultimately, it would lead their drummer to contact me and I now work for him as his webmaster.