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This is a place for you to leave letters for John to read.  You can email them to the link on this page and they will be posted as soon as possible.  Please do not expect responses from John.  This is just for your letters and thoughts.  Note: If your letter is inappropriate or contains a bunch of non-sense.....don't expect it to be posted.  Thanks and enjoy. 

To John Densmore,
Just a letter from a fan from Holland. Hi Mr.Densmore. I am writing this letter (pardon my bad english) to ask you if there is a possibility reuniting ''The Doors'' after the lawsuit?
We (couple of friends) been big fan's for 20 years now and been to several concerts of 21st century Doors in Europe. And these performenses where great! Accept for two missing links,
Jim and John. So Jim can't be there fysicaly but you can. Will you make it up with Ray, Robby, Ian in time? For the fan's sake. These concerts are less without you're precense!
We will spread the word of Rainforest Action Network and Ed Bedley in the Netherlands.
I think i am speaking of all the fan's in the world that we really miss you man!
Kind regards
Dennis Veenema
Groningen ,the Netherlands