What is SSTV?

1)Simply put, SSTV (Slow Scan TV) is the term used for a mode of sending still pictures over the air. In years past, this required a fair amount of equipment and cost. Today, an SSTV system can be set up for a fraction of the cost it once required. Since you have accessed this page, you are already set up for live reception of SSTV pictures and it won't cost you a thing.

Where can I find SSTV signals on this radio?

1)Try these frequencies: 3.735,3.840,3.845,3.857,7.171,14.230,14.233,21.340,28.660,28.680. (Be sure to generally use the lower frequencies at night and the higher during the day)

How do I start this system?

1)You must make sure you are correctly on frequency of the SSTV signal (pitch not too high, not too low)
2)Be sure you are tuned to the right mode (USB or LSB) The lowband frequencies use LSB and the higher band frequencies use USB.
3)Be sure you REFRESH the page after a received tone sequence to see the newest picture.
4)The received signal should be fairly clear, otherwise it will show a lot of "noise".
5)Be sure you are not trying to copy Digital SSTV (this system is not set up to transfer these pictures)
6)Be sure you have the radio tuned at the beginning (start tone) when the SSTV picture is sent. Otherwise, it will not trigger the auto receive or you may get only a portion of the picture.

How does this system work?

1)This system uses the audio input from the online radio you control. The SSTV software is Chromapix, set on auto receive and auto save.
2)FTP Widget (By John KE5RS) continually scans for a picture to be saved by Chromapix. Upon successful reception, it is immediately uploaded to this site.
3)Pretty cool eh, now give it a try.
P.S. Obviously, I can't control the content of the pics that are received. If you feel they have pushed the line, then send your comments to them directly via qrz.com. That is, if they identify.

A big thanks goes out to John (KE5RS) for the development of this auto uploading software (http://www.ke5rs.com/sstv/).
Enjoy, and let me know any finer details you discover. 73 Jim,N7JS