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INSTRUCTIONS: Please choose one video to view using the play button in the control panel below the video feed. You can watch multiple feeds simultaneously if you have a fast computer, fast download speed, and a recent Operating System. If you do not get a video feed after pressing play (wait approx 10 seconds), then that operator is not currently online. Please give others a chance to view video feeds on busy nights (Don't be a video hog!) as cam operators have only so much capacity. This video page is designed for participators in the 3.840 group and JimAndLeah's Online Radio. We welcome others to join. See Above.

              KI6GU - JIM                    ART BELL MOBILECAM                        TIMES SQUARE - N.Y               W6ASA - KAREN                                                                        VALUE="">                                                                                                                                              

              NASA TV - LIVE                                                                        VALUE="http://63.193"> name="MediaPlayer1" width=160 height=162 AutoStart=false>

This page is part of the www.jimandleah.com system at JimAndLeah's User Controlled Online Tuner. We assume no liability nor have control over video or cam broadcasts. This is a free site and is provided as a service. It is designed to help foster and promote the hobby of ham radio and facilitate interaction. Windows Media Player copyright Microsoft. NASA feed copyright NASA (for educational purposes only).

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