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The Doors & Me


     It is no surprise to anyone who knows me of my passion for this band.  That passion started in 1969 at the age of 5 after having discovered one of their albums while looking for my "3 Little Pigs" album. Thanks older bro!  It would also get me sent home early from Kindergarten (along with a stern warning for my mother) for using a song on the album for "show and tell".  The anti-war song "Five To One" didn't go over too well with a conservative teacher in a conservative state at a crossroad decade.  No doubt the rest of the kids were a little shocked before the needle was jerked.  I thought the song had a good beat.   
     I have been most impressed with the drummer for the band (John Densmore) for several years.   To date, John has turned down tens of millions of dollars (no exaggeration) to keep The Doors music from being ruined by corporate America in the form of tacky commercials.  That can't be said for 99.9% of the rest.  John has also declined the lucritive opportunity to tour with the recent incarnation of the band.  He is well known for his humanity and charity. 
     He is the author of the best selling book "Riders On The Storm" and is currently working on another book sure to fascinate.
   For these reasons, it is an honor for me to work for him as his official webmaster and forum moderator.  Stop by some time.  As for my kindergarten teacher, I am doing fine and no, I didn't burn my brains out.